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Navigating Through A World With Autism

Has your child or family member been recently diagnosed, or have you noticed some signs that may have you concerned but not sure where to turn? Are you an administrator looking for more support for your staff surrounding Autism support for your students? Look no further. TAP has a team of expert consultants led by Dr. Ford ready to meet your needs surrounding Autism.

A Different Approach to Autism

TAP consultant, Dr. Staci Ford Ph.D./ M.Ed has over 25 years of personal experience with Autism from her own two children and has specialized in spectrum disorders and special education for the past 17 years. Dr. Ford’s journey with Autism has become her dedication to others dealing with Autism. Dr. Ford and her team support families and educators in navigating through a world with Autism so that every child with Autism can have the best quality of life that they can have regardless of their diagnosis. Autism fits differently in the world but still deserves recognition. Dr. Ford and the team provide supportive solutions from autism education, workshops, training, strategies, planning, and implementation. We help staff members and administration meet each student’s goals more effectively, input and alignment around goals, a framework for ongoing use, and resources for families/educators. An increase of understanding and acceptance of Autism provides a pathway for better interventions.


Dr. Staci Ford will collaborate with individuals and teams to provide specialized services in areas in Autism to create educational workshops and training on the following topics*:

  • Recognizing signs and behaviors
  • First Steps
  • Medical collaboration and diagnosis
  • Communication with providers, educators, and families
  • Tools and Techniques
  • Goals & Outcomes
  • Implementation and planning for your organization/school for Autism
  • *The above topics are not limited; if there is a topic you or your organization are interested in as it pertains to Autism, we can certainly discuss it.

TAP Consultants also use our combined years of experience and expertise that will provide your organization, school or non-profit with culturally relevant teaching practices and engaging employees, support staff, and students in their everyday roles within the organization’s environment.


Meet Our Autism Team

We have consultants that reflect our commitment to Autism education and wellness to work together to create a better world around Autism.

Dr. Staci Ford, PhD

Senior Consultant
Areas of Expertise:
  • Autism
  • Autism Education
  • Autism Workshops & Training
  • Autism Support & Management

“To measure the success of our societies, we should examine how well those with different abilities, including persons with autism, are integrated as full and valued members.”

- Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon


It was great to have TAP talk about diversity and equity in today’s training. The workshop exposed blind spots and opportunities for us to work for greater equity and greater understanding to assist in creating a welcoming culture that is inclusive to all here at Central Catholic High school.

Brother Tony Baginski, FSC
Central Catholic High School Principal

The diversity, equity, and inclusion workshop was needed to move forward to enlighten administration, faculty, and staff on ways to get along. I would recommend that any university, educational facility, or business use TAP to provide a warm feeling workshop to advance you.

Maurice Lucas
Central Catholic High School Cultural Inclusion Advisor

Today’s workshop on diversity, equity, and inclusion was very informative. The biggest takeaway for me was self-reflection; before you can discuss what’s going on in your school, you have to discuss how I contribute positively or negatively. The interactive portion of the presentation was very helpful.

Brandon Haburjack
Central Catholic High School Director of Alumni Engagement & Giving