T.A.P. Educational Enterprises is a one stop shop for all of your school improvement needs.

We are a coalition of educational services equipped to offer:
  • Leadership Development & Capacity Training
  • Effective Team Development
  • Community and Parental Engagement
  • Improving Police - Community Relations
  • Educational/Social Dynamics Facing Students
  • School Reform/Start-Up

Who We Are

T.A.P. Educational Enterprises' mission is to implement a systematic organizational change, demonstrate instructional best practices, provide collaborative partnerships, community engagement and to improve academic outcomes for all schools. Led by a team of enthusiastic and outside the box thinking professionals who are driven by providing solutions to unique education concerns. T.A.P. is a one-stop shop for all of your school improvement needs.

Based in Charlotte, NC our consultants hold administrative licensure’s in multiple states and offer over 60 years of combined experience!

Todd Pipkin is the founder of T.A.P Educational Enterprises. Todd comes with an impressive and proven track record of school reform and start-up expertise! Todd was the Vice-President of Educational Services for Edison Learning and was instrumental in improving the academic performances in the schools districts of Petersburg, VA and Marlboro, SC. Todd was also part of an administrative team of principals in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School district that successfully implemented a full school conversion turn-around at The Olympic Community of Schools.

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who we are

Why TAP Enterprises?

As educators, we each hold the passport to student success. We must accept the responsibility that no student who crosses our path should fall short. We realize that there may be students, who challenge the education system, by not delivering the outcomes we seek. However as educators we must have the mental mentality that asks “have we exhausted all of our options?” The educational data from the past decade and most notably, from the Pew Research Center Report that compares the United States to other countries displays the challenges we face in providing a quality education to every child.

At TAP, our philosophy is that educators must make learning relevant to what students enjoy and understand. We must ask ourselves how teachers can improve teaching and learning to make it fun and exciting. The days of lecturing “do as I say” are far cries of the past and outdated. Educational staffs must find ways to collaborate collectively and smarter to produce a global student that corporations and the world are seeking to hire. Teachers and principals must work together to establish open lines of communication that ask the question, “is this what is best for our students?” The decision on types of instruction, enrichment programs, curricula procedures and policies must be a student-driven model. For too long, decisions have not put the student first, but rather other platform agendas! TAP believes that not having a student-centered focus has forced our industry to make drastic changes in how we educate students.

This is where TAP Educational Enterprises can provide solutions to comprehensive educational roadblocks! TAP Educational Enterprises has a coalition of collaborating industry experts that can address and create solutions.

Meet Our Team

  • todd_pipkin
    Todd Pipkin
    Founder & Executive Consultant

    Is the Head of School for Rocky Mount Prep..

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