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TAP Expert Educational Consortium

A leadership development organization that focuses on improving leadership skills of those in key organizational roles, by employing a consortium of experts who provide a menu of services in various areas of leadership and development.

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What TAP offers


The main key to successful leadership is understanding that there’s a difference between leadership training vs. leadership development.

Trauma-Centered Care

Trauma has always been a mechanism that attracts immediate attention, but with the COVID-19 epidemic, social unrest, and political malice that has occurred, the world was exposed...

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

An organization that places Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) at the forefront understands and values individual differences. Diversity, Equity...

Team Building

There is no “I” in TEAM. Team Building is an integral piece to the success of an organization. “Teamwork is the ultimate competitive advantage because it is both...

Sports Counseling

Certified Sports Counselors assist athletes in maximizing their mental and physical potential. The American Psychological Association (APA) lists sports counseling among the fastest...


Stories That Inspire

  • It was great to have TAP talk about diversity and equity in today’s training. The workshop exposed blind spots and opportunities for us to work for greater equity and greater understanding to assist in creating a welcoming culture that is inclusive to all here at Central Catholic High school.

    Brother Tony Baginski

    FSC Central Catholic High School Principal

  • The diversity, equity, and inclusion workshop was needed to move forward to enlighten administration, faculty, and staff on ways to get along. I would recommend that any university, educational facility, or business use TAP to provide a warm feeling workshop to advance you.

    Maurice Lucas

    Central Catholic High School Cultural Inclusion Advisor

  • Today’s workshop on diversity, equity, and inclusion was very informative. The biggest takeaway for me was self-reflection; before you can discuss what’s going on in your school, you have to discuss how I contribute positively or negatively. The interactive portion of the presentation was very helpful.

    Brandon Haburjack

    Central Catholic High School Director of Alumni Engagement & Giving

  • Trauma is real, it can manifest itself in many ways. I want my Human Resources team to be equipped to recognize it and be able to respond positively to our employees. This training helped us TAP into that! Thank you!

    Anita Rookard, MBA, MPA

    City of Augusta Director of Human Resources

All In the Family: A Parent Engagement Workshop
Effective Strategies for Teaching Boys of Color Workshop

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