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Trauma-Centered Care

We Understand Trauma and Trauma Informed Interventions

Trauma has always been a mechanism that attracts immediate attention, but with the COVID-19, social unrest and political malice that has occurred with the last two years, the world was exposed to the impact that trauma has on corporations, schools, hospitals, non-profits, and families. The traumatic experiences have turned a world economy upside down and put our world in a financial crisis. The goal of TAP’s Trauma

The goal of TAP’s Trauma Training is to:
  • Help improve the bottom-line by employees being at work.
  • Provide strategies that help business, schools, and organizations cope with stakeholders impacted by trauma.
  • Develop a personalized toolkit for your organization that includes intervention resources on trauma.
  • Promote a more compassionate culture within the work environment.
  • Develop a comprehensive strategic plan for your organization that outlines what your organization wants to hear when it comes to trauma.


Our Trauma Team at TAP focuses on the client and their main goals.

There are many questions to be asked. One main question is, how do you want your organization to perform when employees or stakeholders are impacted by trauma? We want our clients to understand the power of addressing how trauma affects their employees and how that can have a huge impact on business and systems. We serve organizations, administrators, executives, schools, and non-profits seeking result-oriented outcomes. We work with clients dedicated to seeking better ways to reach their diverse employees around trauma.

Our main goal is working with individuals and businesses committed to themselves and their staffs that will undoubtedly sustain high performance levels. This allows our clients to be enthusiastic and committed to making unique and real changes.


TAP Expert Educational Consortium utilizes a proprietary researched based curriculum from Dr. Amy Alexander that outlines how to develop, explore, and utilize Trauma Interventions and Best Practices. Our approach is to conduct a pre-assessment on the client, enforcing a participatory model known as The World Café Method and researched supported materials that provide actionable results.

TAP Consultants use our combined years of experience and expertise that will provide your organization, school or non-profit with culturally relevant teaching practices and engaging employees, support staff, and students in their everyday roles within the organization’s environment.



We have consultants that reflect our commitment to individualized organizational healing and development.

Dr. Amy Alexander, PhD., CSC

Senior Consultant

Patrick Patterson, MSW, MPH

Senior Consultant

Dr. Toya Jones, Ed. D., LCSW


The conflict between the will to deny horrible events and the will to proclaim them aloud is the central dialectic of psychological trauma.

- Judith Lewis Herman


It was great to have TAP talk about diversity and equity in today’s training. The workshop exposed blind spots and opportunities for us to work for greater equity and greater understanding to assist in creating a welcoming culture that is inclusive to all here at Central Catholic High school.

Brother Tony Baginski, FSC
Central Catholic High School Principal

The diversity, equity, and inclusion workshop was needed to move forward to enlighten administration, faculty, and staff on ways to get along. I would recommend that any university, educational facility, or business use TAP to provide a warm feeling workshop to advance you.

Maurice Lucas
Central Catholic High School Cultural Inclusion Advisor

Today’s workshop on diversity, equity, and inclusion was very informative. The biggest takeaway for me was self-reflection; before you can discuss what’s going on in your school, you have to discuss how I contribute positively or negatively. The interactive portion of the presentation was very helpful.

Brandon Haburjack
Central Catholic High School Director of Alumni Engagement & Giving